Gardening for Beginners
Thinking about starting a garden, but aren’t sure where to begin? This post, all about gardening for beginners, is for you — with 8 simple steps to help you start your garden. Learning how to garden doesn’t need to be complicated.

Does this sound familiar? Looking around my yard, I see weeds, overgrown plants, and a few dried out pots I tried to grow tomatoes in last year. I think to myself…. “How am I going to grow anything here?” “What do I do first?” “How will I know what to plant?” “If I put time and money into a garden, will it be worth it?”

Introduction 00:00
Step One: Choose the Location 00:24
Step Two: Start Small – add a container or raised bed 01:14
Step Three: Fill beds with soil 02:38
Step Four: Set up watering system 03:52
Step Five: Find a planting guide for your area 04:51
Step Six: Decide what to plant 05:48
Step Seven: Spend time in your garden each day 06:41
Step Eight: Harvest and eat what you grow 07:10

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