Gardening Hacks
No garden budget? No problem! These are the no cost or low cost gardening hacks to get a beautiful garden for free. Trellis, fence, container, and raised bed ideas. As well as free garden soil, and free plants. Learn how to garden on a dime in this video.

Use the timestamps below to navigate to specific subjects:

0:00 No Cost Low Cost Gardening
0:34 Money vs Time vs Energy
1:32 Free Fences & Trellises
3:48 Free Raised Beds
6:30 Free Pots & Containers
8:30 Free Garden Soil
10:33 Free Mulch
13:44 Free Plants

Thanks for watching and supporting my fledgling homesteading channel. I’m so happy to make new friends who are interested in gardening and homesteading!

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