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FIVE Leafy Greens for Your Indoor Winter Garden | Guten Yardening Indoor Gardening Vegetables

We are growing a wide variety of vegetables in our indoor garden (for us our grow tent is where winter gardening takes place), but there are five leafy greens we want to recommend that are fast growers and can provide a huge boost to the nutritional value of your daily diet.

Each of these five vegetables can be harvested prior to full maturity which means you can begin to enjoy the taste of these varieties within as little as 3-4 weeks.

Whether you have a large indoor growing space or a windowsill for your vegetables, these can be planted in any type of food safe container, and they can be transplanted, if you want, as they get bigger. We even have some of our veggies growing in small plastic cereal containers. This is another way we try to upcycle what we already have in our home.

If you like greens, you will love these additions to your salads, soups, or however you like to eat them. They are simple, quick, and can be grown just about anywhere they have access to light.

Bok choy, romaine lettuce, radicchio, and kale should be at the top of your greens list.

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