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This video is a guide to Small Modern Japanese Garden Ideas that I originally shot from the National Japanese Garden Festival in Nara Prefecture. It is meant to inspire you and give you ideas for your Japanese garden design.

I encourage you to check out the complimentary article on The Complete Guide to Small Japanese Gardens:

These Japanese gardens represent what modern Japanese garden designers are doing with blending their traditional art with modern and western styles of gardening.

I recorded this from the Japanese garden festival a few years ago and this video also has some analysis of the individual gardens I added recently.

“Shizen” means “nature” or “natural” in Japanese and incorporates the ideas of nature and human nature in harmony with each other. Therefore I created ShizenStyle ( where nature and human creativity are both celebrated. Its the blend of modern and rustic, contemporary and natural home and garden styles.

I studied Japanese garden design in Osaka and Fukui and am drawn to modern Japanese garden design. But I recognize the need to study traditional gardens in order to develop and appreciate modern garden design. I hope some of these videos provide some inspiration for you as well.

If you’d like to get more information on modern Japanese gardens please check out this page on my website:

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