Gardening Hacks
D4mn! Cr4zy…. This Real 4 Awesome Gardening Hacks You Can Apply This On Your Tree.Before and After
1. Grafting 00:01
2. Grafting 01:02
3. Stem Cuttings 03:40
4. Air Layering 06:48
I have uploaded many new grafting videos here :

I think it’s local not global, because different in every place, for example: in my place, I can do it any time. Just so you know, in most videos, I make it “this month” and upload it “the following month” because grafting is usually take 1 month. I almost upload videos every day, that means I can graft anytime, there is no best time.
The best time is when you try it no matter it succeeds or fails.
if you seriously want to know that is how to start doing it now. do it the right way, do it continuously later you will know by yourself.

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