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Curious what to plant in June in the vegetable, herb and annual flower garden? Check out what I’m planting this month in my Zone 6a, Ohio garden!
There is still plenty of time to plant in June!

What to Plant in June, Zone 6:

Early June
Direct Sow
• Sweet corn, shorter season popcorn & flint/flour corn
Direct sow OR Transplant
• Pumpkin
• Winter Squash
• Gourd
• Watermelon, cantaloupe, other melons
• Castor beans
• Sweet potatoes
• Peanuts

Early to Mid June
• Tomatoes & tomatillos
• Peppers
• Eggplant
June- Any time:
Direct Sow Outdoors
• Beans- bush, pole, lima, edamame, shell
• Cowpeas, Southern peas
• Direct sown flowers like Wildflower mixes, cosmos, nasturtium, morning glories, borage, amaranthus
• Cover crops- buckwheat, sunflowers, cowpeas, sorghum sudangrass, Sunn hemp

Direct sow OR Transplant
• Summer Squash
• Basil
• Cucumbers
• Summer squash/zucchini
• Okra
• Sunflower, marigold, zinnias, celosia

00:00 Intro
00:11 A Word on Fall Frost Dates
01:08 Consider your Typical Summer Weather
01:58 Early June- Direct Sow and/or Transplant
02:37 Early to Mid June- Transplant
02:53 June Anytime- Direct Sow and/or Transplant

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