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How to create, from scratch, a new vegetable garden, using resources to up-cycle waste materials, including making a wattle fence from pruning and cutting back …Books from Bealtaine Cottage Publishing…

This is my new, accessible Patreon account where I am posting book readings, beginning with my first book: “A Cottage and Three Acres”.:
…where you can find over eleven years of material and over 20,000 photographs all free to access and NO Advertisements!
Amazing photos here of how it looked 17 years ago, at the start of the Bealtaine Project……
Books include:
“A Cottage and Three Acres”
“Walking Between Worlds”
“In Search of the Goddess Rising”
“A Guide to the Deep Midwinter”
“The Magical, Mythical Map”
“2021 Celtic Calendar of Bealtaine Cottage”
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Colette O’Neill is a full-time writer, photographer, environmentalist and founder of the Bealtaine Project in the West Of Ireland. Trees and Woodlands have been a lifelong passion and the reason Colette established the Bealtaine Project in May 2004. Colette’s published works, available from the Bealtaine Cottage Bookshop, (link below)
Bealtaine Cottage Press

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