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It’s time for another really Big Vegetable Garden Harvest in October. Please join me in my Vegetable Backyard Garden which has given us some amazing garden harvest this year. My dream is for more Gardeners across the World to get into gardening and grow fresh organic vegetables and plants

Gardening is great for mental wellbeing and it’s so good for the mind, body and soul. It keeps the body active and is great excercise.

I hope everyone who watches my video from backyard gardens, allotments, kitchen gardens and terrace gardens come together to promote gardening and the benefits.

The main things covered in this video are:

1) Garden Introduction and welcome
2) Harvesting gourds, shark fin gourd / fig leaf gourd
3) harvesting runner beans
4) Garden harvest of homegrown Achocha
5) Gardening harvest of french beans
6) Harvesting biggest collection of pumpkin and winter pumpkin. Also asian, oriental and indian pumpkins
7) Tell my viewers that next video is more harvest of chillies, hyacinth beans, amaranth plant and much more in my greenhouse

Traditionally, my family have done gardening in what we call Shokher Bagan (Hobby Gardening)


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