Indoor Gardening
CounterCrop is the modern way to grow your own food. Explore the possibilities of indoor growing.

This is Caroline. She’s all about healthy, local food. She tried an indoor garden, but her messy, “space-age” grower was nothing to Tweet about.

And meet Richard. Richard’s backyard garden was devoured by pests. Then, winter hit.

Introducing CounterCrop, the new way to garden. CounterCrop helps folks like Caroline and Richard grow real food, right on their kitchen counter. Just put your favorite seeds in the dirt-free growing pod, add water and a few drops of plant food, and turn on the plant-boosting LEDs. You can even control the CounterCrop from your couch.

So now Richard doesn’t worry about swarms of biblical proportions, OR Old Man Winter.

And Caroline grows tons of healthy veggies, enough to share with her friends.

Ready to join the counter culture? Get your CounterCrop here:

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