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Essential for successful vegetable container gardens are adequate sunlight, water, and fertilizer plus a well-drained growing medium.

Anything laying around the house that has drainage holes in the bottom can be used. Containers may be plastic, clay, ceramic, or wood.

Drill drainage holes in plastic and wood containers, if no drainage holes are provided. If using wood, avoid treated lumber and select containers made of red cedar or redwood.

Most vegetables require containers that hold at least 6 to 8 inches of potting mix. Root crops, such as carrots, tomatoes, and other large plants require deeper containers.

Growing Media

Container gardens require a growing medium that drains well, yet does not dry out too fast.

Soilless potting mixes have several advantages over soil. They are free of plant disease organisms and weed seeds, are less likely to compact, hold moisture and plant nutrients well, and are lightweight—making the container more portable.

Soilless potting mixes can be purchased from garden centers and retail outlets or they can be prepared.

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