Indoor Gardening
The Hydroponic Indoor Gardens by VegeBox is an easy way to have fresh herbs, vegetables, salads and micro greens growing year round in any weather.

The VegeBox Table Indoor Hydroponic Garden comes with 9 planting holes, a seeding box and also with a two year warranty. Bring freshness into your house, apartment, office, dorm room or anywhere else you want a little bit more green in your life. The growing cycle is quick with the perfectly timed automatically LED lighting cycle.

Have fresh, nutritious herbs, vegetables and micro greens at your fingertips with no mess and throw away plastics. How many times are you bought several herbs for a certain recipe, then see the brown soggy remnants waste away in the fridge. With the VegeBox Table, you can have your own favourite selection of fresh herbs or greens at your fingertips everyday of the year.

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