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Do you have old tires? Don’t throw them away saying they’re not Eco friendly. They don’t break down easily and can’t be burnt. Reuse them with caution to create amazing stuffs in your garden.
You can make a tire swing and hang it in your garden in a warm and open spot. Children loves this. Just paint a tire with shiny bright colors and make cool designs over it. Take care while hanging, you can use both the ropes and chains to hang it.
Make furniture using old tires. You can use your imaginations to refurbish them. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube to make DIY tire chair, tire stool and other garden furniture.
A compost bin and wormery helps in piling up your compost and decomposing it. You can make a tire compost bin and wormery but this idea is only suitable for colder parts where temperature doesn’t exceed from the level of 90 F (32 C).
Making a vertical tire planter and growing flowers in it is a unique idea to recycle old tire. It’s easy to do too. You can grow cascading flowers like petunias and pansies in it. Read this post to learn How to Make Vertical Tire Planter.
A pond in a garden gives it a complete look, it’s an essential part of garden design. If you still haven’t made it, use large tractor or car tire to make it, paint it using durable and non toxic best quality outdoor spray paint. You can swim fishes in it and grow aquatic plants like lilies and iris.
Arranging tires and making DIY tire planters is also an option to reuse tires. Make sure you’ll never grow edible plants in them if you live in hot tropical climate because tires heat up quickly.
If you’re living in colder climate then this phenomena is good for you as tires insulate the plants and provide warmth to them.
Create raised bed tire garden. Raised beds made of tires border the plants and help them to grow in order. If you’re growing vegetables or herbs in these raised beds, make sure to use big tires and ensure they’ll not heat up much.

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