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First attempt at growing Pea Microgreens with out soil. Peas came out awesome. 24 ounces in total for the first harvest. Think we are going to try the same thing with sunflowers next go around.

Growing Microgreens at home without soil. Using High Output T5 grow lights. Microgreens are grown in 10×20 grow trays. Instead of soil we are using a flet pad that is good to go in compost piles. This round we have Kale and Broccoli growing. Looking into trying Peas and Sunflowers as well. Picked up some seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Co.

We have expanded our microgreen system. We are using 3 High Output T5 grow light fixtures. We have also added a box fan to the set up to help with drying of the microgreens after we harvest them.

All items in this video where purchased by me.

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All items in this video where purchased by me.

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