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It looks very interesting when plants and flowers are put in unusual pots. This gives the interior originality, and the garden – a certain charm. Of course, in stores there are so many bright and original models of flowerpots, but anyone wants to bring personality and a certain highlight to their home or garden.

There are a lot of options how to make pots with your own hands, you just need to choose the material that will look most appropriate in your garden or house. Garden pots can be made from anything. Old rubbish, carefully kept “just in case”, furniture, and utensils can be used. You can use the most diverse material: burlap and rope, remnants of plastic film and plastic bottles, plaster and polymer clay.

Also, I will teach you how to store groceries correctly: put fresh herbs and herbs in glasses with water and cover with plastic bags. Leek, beetroot, bell pepper and carrots store in plastic bags. Keep cucumbers, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage wrapped in plastic. Store bananas, apples, lemons, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes unwrapped.


5:40 How to store groceries correctly
7:37 How to make a hand cast
9:27 Succulent ideas
11:35 How a diaper can help a plant
13:20 Watering the lawn

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