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Tino is down at The Patch looking at the great soil that’s the result of years of compost and manures making it friable and delicious to vegetable crops. The quality of your soil reflects directly of the quality of your vegetables, so if you’re starting a new patch, try Tino’s simple steps to success.

You’ll need (based on 1 x 2m vegie patch):
– Agricultural lime
– 5 handfuls of gypsum
– ½ bucket of charcoal
– 2 x 25 litre bags of cow manure
– 2 x 25 litre bags of poultry manure
– 1 x barrow of compost (substitute mushroom compost if you don’t have your own)
– 3 handfuls of blood and bone
– 3 handfuls or worm castings
– A selection of vegetables. Tino used 6 seedlings of kohlrabi and 6 seedlings of perpetual spinach.

– Mark out a 1m x 2m patch somewhere in the sun where you want to grow vegetables.
– Apply agricultural lime as per instructions on bag then wait a few weeks.
– Turn the soil over using a spade to about 30cm deep (more if your soil is very heavy).
– Remove any rocks and roots.
– Spread gypsum, charcoal, manures, compost, blood and bone and worm castings evenly across the plot, then fork over thoroughly and mix well.
– Water thoroughly and let sit for a few weeks if possible before planting.
– Plant vegetable seedlings and water well.

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