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Plant nursery owner Steve Teh offers tips and advice on what’s trending in flowers for Chinese New Year 2019, how to make your garden grow and attract lots of blooming luck in the Year Of The Pig! | Read more about it here

Check out how one gardener turned her flowers into a feng shui army to stop bad vibes and negative energy from invading her home. | Read more about it here

Need a new plant for Chinese New Year 2019 that’s going to bring you health and prosperity – plus plenty of hearts and followers on Instagram? Here’s what’s trending in flora and fauna for the Year Of The Pig! | Read more about it here

Care for some potted qi? Hoping for lots of blooming luck? How about fertilising your auspiciousness? Check out how home gardener Elizabeth Bain learned to colour block her flowers for feng shui. | Read more about it here

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