Indoor Gardening
The perfect indoor gardening system – grows up to 90 fruits and veggies. Quick and easy, fully automatic and beautifully designed.

OGarden Smart can grow up to 90 fruits and veggies at once, so you can enjoy an abundance of super fresh food. Automatic watering makes using OGarden Smart virtually effortless, and the automatic low energy consumption LEDs simulate the perfect amount of sunlight, offering optimal year round growth.

Enjoy home grown produce whenever you need it. Be ready for simple, beautiful, and sustainable indoor gardening at its finest.

Most indoor gardening systems lack the size and ability to grow a substantial amount of produce. Or they are difficult to set up, and leave even the most experienced gardener frustrated.

By being able to grow a great amount of veggies and fruits easily from your living room, OGarden Smart is a way to eat produce sustainably that’s never been done before. Effortless, easy and pleasant, the OGarden Smart easily upgrades your home and your grocery basket!

No more worrying about which seasons to grow your produce in. No matter the conditions outside, OGarden Smart will grow up to 90 fruits and veggies at once, with 20 different kinds to choose from.

Is your favorite vegetable or fruit not on the list? No problem! With the Bag of Virgin Earth, you can sprout your own seeds. Have fun and grow your own original plants. We’d love to see what you grow! Take photos of your harvest and share them with the Ogarden Smart community.

All you need to do is plant a seed, make sure there is enough water in the tank (only once a week), and you can harvest your produce 30 to 40 days later, that’s it.

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