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Building a NoTill Bed for an Indoor Garden

(4×4) Grassroots Fabric Bed.
(2) L.O.S. 3.0 Mineral Mix “3.5 lbs” (7lbs total) from BuildASoil.
(2) L.O.S. 3.0 Nutrient Mix “8.8 lbs” (17.6 lbs total) from BuildASoil.
(6) Malibu Compost – Bu’s Blend “1 cubic foot bag” (6 cu ft nmtotal) locally bought.
(6) Pumice “1 cubic foot bag” (6 cu ft total) locally bought.
(3) Black Gold – Peat Moss “2.2 cubic feet bag” (6.6 cu ft total) locally bought.

Everything gets mixed together inside of the 4×4 bed to inoculate for the next month. What I mean is, mix all of your nutrients together, and let it sit for a month. What happens is, the microorganisms come alive, and breathe life into your Super Soil. All you have to do is add water to the soil, as all the nutrients are already in it. You want to make sure not to dry out the organisms, as they are the ones making food for your plants and garden! Once you have let your soil inoculate for a month, you are ready to add worms into the bin! Once I am to the point of worms, I will talk more about them. For now, let’s get your NoTill Bed ready to come to life!


Little History about AyoJayo;

I have been growing Medical Marijuana for the past 4 years, or since 2014 in Nevada/California. I honestly had my first plant in 2013, while I was on Juvenile Parole, LMMFNO! But I didn’t actually get into growing until 2014, which I was still on Juvenile Parole. I had 13 plants, 2 plants each, in 5 gallon smart pots. One pot had a 3rd plant inside of it. I was one plant over the legal limit, as the legal limit is 12 plants total, in the state of Nevada as a Medical Patient. Over the years I’ve studied and learned hands on about growing Medical Marijuana, and plants in general. I find plants interesting, and I just happen to find Marijuana VERY intriguing! I was in a terrible car accident in 2013, at 18 years old. The police believed me vehicle to have flipped 2 and a half times before landing on its passenger side. I wasn’t wearing a seat belt. My lower back, mainly my hips got seriously messed up. My neck had some whiplash, which I still deal with today, along side my back pain. I use to be one of those people whom believed “People who say weed helps them medically, are justifying their reason to get high. Which I have nothing against, just rather people be straight up about it.” Then when I got in my car accident, I hadn’t smoked Marijuana in over 2.5 years. I wanted to know why I was so about it, and why people would make their lives around it. Well, got high, and thought it was the stupidest thing. Then I woke up the next day, got high again, and went on to start my own Pond Care and Maintenance Company. Little did I notice their was no pain in my neck, or back. I went on as if I hadn’t been in the car accident. That’s when I became a true believer about Medical Marijuana. 6 months later, I had to quit smoking for 2 weeks, due to Juvi Parole…. found out Medical Marijuana REALLY did help me. Till this day, I thank Marijuana for being able to help me be a normally functioning person. With out Marijuana, I wouldn’t be able to walk. No joke.

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