Indoor Gardening
Launching on Kickstarter 03/20

Harness the power of Artificial intelligence to grow any plants you want. No green thumbs required. Just pop in a pod, and let Herbot take care of the rest.

Herbot is a line of smart connected gardening systems that make it possible to effortlessly grow healthy produce indoors, year-round. The Herbot system feeds, waters, and provides light to your plants, making it possible for anyone to grow any plants they wish, regardless of climate, space, time limitations, or level of gardening experience.

600% More Vitamins – No GMO Seeds – 100% Organic Nutrients – Purifies Air – Reduces CO2 – Full Spectrum LED Lights – Precise Environmental Control – Automatic Watering and Nutrient Dosing – Biodegradable Preseeded Pods – Hydroponic Smart Gardening – Herbot OS and Smart Home Ready- Google Assistant- Bluetooth Speakers- Voice Control.

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