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Knowing when to harvest garlic can be a bit tricky! This video details both when and how to harvest your garden crop of garlic.

In this edition of Grow what you Eat, Eat what you Grow we talk about when to harvest garlic. I talk about 2 different ways to know when it is about time to harvest your garlic.

The first is by looking at the leaves. When the bottom set of leaves has turned brown and dried up completely then you are about 2 to 3 weeks away from harvests. At this time you should stop watering your garlic, to give the bulbs a chance to dry out and mature.

The second method for know your garlic is ready only works on hard neck varieties. Earlier in the year when you are harvesting the garlic scapes from your plant you should leave one on. When that scape is standing up straight and has a seed head, then it is time to dig your plants.

When harvesting garlic be sure to dig them out with a shovel or digging fork. Never pull them from the soil as this can damage the bulbs and affect how long your garlic will last in storage.

his video comes to you from Rick Stone and the blog Stoney Acres. It is part of our ongoing gardening video series called “Grow What you Eat, Eat what you Grow”!

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