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GROW Plants From Store Bought Seeds! It’s really easy to grow your own lentil sprouts, pea shoots, and mustard microgreens on the cheap! This really is the EASIEST Indoor Gardening Project that I’ve EVER done!!! Most are ready to eat in less than 7 days! Fast forward to 4:25 to see the day 7 overview. The lentils were eaten on day 5. The list of what all I grew is down below! Thanks for watching!

Tip: If you notice a bad odor emanating from your sprouts or seeds you need to start over. This indicates decay/bacterial growth.

Lentils sprouts
Pea Shoots
Mustard Microgreens
Cilantro (from coriander)
White onion
Red Beans

A pretty nifty microgreen starter kit…

Organic Kale and Broccoli Microgreen Growing Kit

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