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Here’s the list of each item shown in the video:

#1 Bring the Sea to your Garden – unknown artist on the Island of Curacao
#2 The Secret Surfer – Surf board fence
# 3 Upcycle Baked Bean Cans – Baked bean cans as tree lamps
#4 Create a Compact Cascade Planter
#5 Ditch the Boring Bird Bath – DIY bird bath ideas
#6 The Haunted Shed – Garden shed that looks like a haunted house
#7 Vertical PVC Planter – Old plastic drain pipes as planters
#8 Stowaway in a Shipping Container – Shipping container garden office / shed
#9 Raised Bed Railway Sleepers
#10 Old retro bath as garden furniture
#11 Garden Table made from from Palettes or pallets
#12 Barrel BBQ – old oil barrel as a DIY BBQ
#13 Take a Ride. I mean Seat… – Seat made from old bicycle wheels
#14 Vintage Suitcase Flower planter – old suitcase as planter
#15 Harness the Sun’s Power – solar powered water feature
#16 More Wine is Fine – wine bottles as hanging garden features
#17 Put the (large) Kettle on… – tyres as garden furniture
#18 Fill Your Boots – Old boots as garden planters
#19 Use your Hose Pipe – Watering cans as planters
#20 On Your Bike – retro bike as planters
#21 Keep your Cars – old car parts as garden decoration
#22 Wheelie Barrow Good – old wheelbarrow as garden decoration
#23 Capture the Kids – kids garden hammock
#24 A Flow of Flowers – artistic garden planting
#25 Game your Garden – garden lawn chess board
#26 Italian Inspired Hanging Herb Garden – recycled tomato cans
#27 Hanging Out – hanging garden loungers
#28 Hot Tub Time Machine – DIY hot tub
#29 Sit and Shovel – DIY garden bench made from old shovel and fork handles
#30 Bikes Apart – retro vintage bike planters for the garden
#31 Locked and Loved – garden padlock love fencing
#32 Living in a Round House – Garden yurts
#33 Become a Temporary Herder – Shepherd huts for your garden

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