Vegetable Garden
John from takes you on a full tour of his backyard summer vegetable garden that has 26 raised beds and over 20 potted fruit trees

01:00 Tour Starts
01:23 Grow Climate Appropriate Crops
02:20 Growing Malabar Spinach Vertically up a Trellis
03:00 Japanese Cucumbers
03:13 Rolly poly bugs eat Cucumber Stems
04:10 Praying Mantis Eats Bad Bugs
04:30 Water Spinach from from cuttings
05:28 Edible Marigolds
05:35 Water Pepper
05:52 Growing in 5 Gallon Pots
06:13 Pros and Cons of Growing in Pots in the Desert
07:15 Agretti – European Vegetable – Grows Well
08:16 Reciardia picroides
08:36 Heat loving Tropical Lettuce grows in 100+ weather
09:25 Favorite Area of My Garden
09:40 Longevity Spinach
09:55 Jello Plant
10:27 Loa lot
10:53 Mexican Sour Gherkins
11:20 Cuban Oregano
11:34 Culantro Substitute
11:51 Gotu Kola
12:33 Where I eat lunch in my garden
13:44 Ashitaba in full sun
14:55 Strawberry Spinach
15:10 Grow Trap Plants to attract Aphids
16:26 Moringa Tree Recovering Over the Winter
18:13 Perennial Bed with Green Tree Collards
18:55 Jungle Planting below Tree Collards
19:14 Underperforming Zucchini
19:35 Bird Eating Tree Collard Seeds
20:11 Pepper Plant Bed Spaced 11.5 inches
20:52 Lambsquarters, Sweet Potato Vine, Purslane interplanted
21:41 Living Mulch – protect soil from sun.
22:06 Tables in Garden to protect plants from intense sun
22:35 Winter Hold over bed – leafy greens, kale, celery, beets
24:55 My favorite Dazzling Blue Kale
25:44 Why this kale has outperformed all others in my garden
26:30 Having Challenges with Aquajet
27:30 Protecting Tree Collard Seeds from the birds
27:55 Sunchokes- Jerusalem Artichokes
28:00 Agretti
29:05 Aptinia Cordata – Edible Landscaping Plant
29:40 Cretan Rock Lettuce doesn’t like summer
29:30 My Tea Plants – Camellia Sinensis
30:00 Purple Goji Berry Plants, Date Palms, Gogi Berries
30:44 Flood Table growing starts with automatic watering
31:41 Culantro
31:55 Malabar Spinach in Flood Table
33:20 Asparagus and Chives and Water Peppers
34:00 Winter Greens Bolting – Yogmagi
34:30 Big Bag Bed- Fabric Pot – Rosemary and Sage
35:04 Beets going to seed
35:35 Bed of Tomatoes planted with Shiso for Insect Control
37:31 Giant Leeks
37:54 Mint Growing
38:17 Eggplant and Basil
38:48 Tree Nursery in 5 gallon pots
39:55 Goji Berry Plant with Berries
40:35 Sunchokes
40:50 Pennywort in Shade
41:28 Cilantro going to seed with onions
43:10 Haphazzard Bed with some items planted- with Stevia
44:00 Growing Candyland Red Tomatoes – healthier to eat
45:45 5 gallon pots with tree collards
46:22 Katuk – Sauropus Androgenous
47:37 Perennial Herb Bed – Lavender, Hot and Spicy Oregano
48:10 Egyptian Walking Onions
49:43 Eating an Egyptian Walking onion top set sprout
50:30 Tree Collards with Bolting Beets with Stinging Nettles
51:04 Basil and Peppers
51:20 Peppers and Bolting Parsley
52:03 Best way to grow chocolate Mint
52:40 Growing Basil from Trader Joes
53:10 Basil and Peppers
53:20 Fig Trees in 15 Gallon Pots
55:20 Best Growing Bed in the Summer
56:40 Cucumbers and Mexican Gherkins
57:26 Experimenting in Garden to learn
57:42 Why your zucchini is so small
28:06 Peppers and Sweet potatoes and Malabar Spinach
59:56 trace minerals and phytochemicals
1:01:50 Don’t Let your food go to waste
1:02:35 Ask for help if you need it
1:02:50 Praying mantis eggs

After watching this episode, you will be more familiar with some of the heat tolerant vegetables that you should grow if you live in a climate that is in excess of 100 degrees on a regular basis.

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Dazzling Blue Kale pic

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My dazzling blue kale is nearly a yard long from end to end. (30" actual size) this is what happens if you give the plant everything it needs including proper water, soil, weather, trace minerals, beneficial fungi, beneficial bacteria, and organic matter. I strive to have every one of my plant babies to thrive like this. I'm not there yet.. Thriving plants make for thriving people. Eat more thriving nutrient dense plants. Learn how I grow my thriving plants on my YouTube channel. Link on profile page. #dazzlingkale #dazzlingbluekale #lacinatokale #dinokale #dinosaurkale #tuscankale #brassicaoleracea #nutrientdense #nutritarian #growingyourgreens #backyardgardening #organicgardening #organicgarden #growyourown #growyourownfood #homegrown #bigkale #largekale #hugekale #eatkale #kale #kaleme

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