Vegetable Garden
John from takes you on a full tour of his backyard summer vegetable garden that has 26 raised beds and over 20 potted fruit trees

01:00 Tour Starts
01:23 Grow Climate Appropriate Crops
02:20 Growing Malabar Spinach Vertically up a Trellis
03:00 Japanese Cucumbers
03:13 Rolly poly bugs eat Cucumber Stems
04:10 Praying Mantis Eats Bad Bugs
04:30 Water Spinach from from cuttings
05:28 Edible Marigolds
05:35 Water Pepper
05:52 Growing in 5 Gallon Pots
06:13 Pros and Cons of Growing in Pots in the Desert
07:15 Agretti – European Vegetable – Grows Well
08:16 Reciardia picroides
08:36 Heat loving Tropical Lettuce grows in 100+ weather
09:25 Favorite Area of My Garden
09:40 Longevity Spinach
09:55 Jello Plant
10:27 Loa lot
10:53 Mexican Sour Gherkins
11:20 Cuban Oregano
11:34 Culantro Substitute
11:51 Gotu Kola
12:33 Where I eat lunch in my garden
13:44 Ashitaba in full sun
14:55 Strawberry Spinach
15:10 Grow Trap Plants to attract Aphids
16:26 Moringa Tree Recovering Over the Winter
18:13 Perennial Bed with Green Tree Collards
18:55 Jungle Planting below Tree Collards
19:14 Underperforming Zucchini
19:35 Bird Eating Tree Collard Seeds
20:11 Pepper Plant Bed Spaced 11.5 inches
20:52 Lambsquarters, Sweet Potato Vine, Purslane interplanted
21:41 Living Mulch – protect soil from sun.
22:06 Tables in Garden to protect plants from intense sun
22:35 Winter Hold over bed – leafy greens, kale, celery, beets
24:55 My favorite Dazzling Blue Kale
25:44 Why this kale has outperformed all others in my garden
26:30 Having Challenges with Aquajet
27:30 Protecting Tree Collard Seeds from the birds
27:55 Sunchokes- Jerusalem Artichokes
28:00 Agretti
29:05 Aptinia Cordata – Edible Landscaping Plant
29:40 Cretan Rock Lettuce doesn’t like summer
29:30 My Tea Plants – Camellia Sinensis
30:00 Purple Goji Berry Plants, Date Palms, Gogi Berries
30:44 Flood Table growing starts with automatic watering
31:41 Culantro
31:55 Malabar Spinach in Flood Table
33:20 Asparagus and Chives and Water Peppers
34:00 Winter Greens Bolting – Yogmagi
34:30 Big Bag Bed- Fabric Pot – Rosemary and Sage
35:04 Beets going to seed
35:35 Bed of Tomatoes planted with Shiso for Insect Control
37:31 Giant Leeks
37:54 Mint Growing
38:17 Eggplant and Basil
38:48 Tree Nursery in 5 gallon pots
39:55 Goji Berry Plant with Berries
40:35 Sunchokes
40:50 Pennywort in Shade
41:28 Cilantro going to seed with onions
43:10 Haphazzard Bed with some items planted- with Stevia
44:00 Growing Candyland Red Tomatoes – healthier to eat
45:45 5 gallon pots with tree collards
46:22 Katuk – Sauropus Androgenous
47:37 Perennial Herb Bed – Lavender, Hot and Spicy Oregano
48:10 Egyptian Walking Onions
49:43 Eating an Egyptian Walking onion top set sprout
50:30 Tree Collards with Bolting Beets with Stinging Nettles
51:04 Basil and Peppers
51:20 Peppers and Bolting Parsley
52:03 Best way to grow chocolate Mint
52:40 Growing Basil from Trader Joes
53:10 Basil and Peppers
53:20 Fig Trees in 15 Gallon Pots
55:20 Best Growing Bed in the Summer
56:40 Cucumbers and Mexican Gherkins
57:26 Experimenting in Garden to learn
57:42 Why your zucchini is so small
28:06 Peppers and Sweet potatoes and Malabar Spinach
59:56 trace minerals and phytochemicals
1:01:50 Don’t Let your food go to waste
1:02:35 Ask for help if you need it
1:02:50 Praying mantis eggs

After watching this episode, you will be more familiar with some of the heat tolerant vegetables that you should grow if you live in a climate that is in excess of 100 degrees on a regular basis.

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