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My friend Martin built an aquaponics greenhouse for the non-profit he works with, Ecolife Conservation. He’s built some incredible aquaponics systems in the past, but I think this is my favorite one of his.

In fact, he harvested almost 500lb of cucumbers just a couple of weeks ago from it, and there are thousands of pounds more coming over the course of the summer.

Today, we’re going through the details of his system. He’s made some interesting improvements on traditional aquaponics setups which are high in nitrates but can often lack other key nutrients in high enough amounts. By aerating and filtering the solid fish waste, he’s been able to extract even more nutrition from the tilapia he keeps.

The water from the aerated fish waste is filtered out to nearly clear, but with 4x the nutrient profile of the water that’s typically found in an aquaponic reservoir…and more trace nutrients as well. Very clever!


ECOLIFE Conservation, Aquaponics Innovation Center, Escondido, CA
Shown and designed by Martin Niwinski (
To volunteer to work on this system go to :
For monthly or private tour info:
Instagram: @ecolifeconservation

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