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If you are dreaming about the garden this video is totally for you! You will find easy instructions on how to easily grow different plants. You will learn how to grow watermelon, pumpkin, onion, cucumbers from seeds.
You can use eggshells as seeding pots. It’s a perfect way to save money and also eggshell is a natural fertilizer. When your plants outgrow their temporary homes, place them in eggshells into the soil. For example, you can grow tomatoes in these pots.
You will learn how to grow watermelons. But you should remember that growing watermelons require a lot of sun and space. Let’s grow watermelon from seed. Take a plastic box and place tissue inside. Place seeds over the tissue and spray them with water. Cover the box with wrapping plastic and make some holes. Wit for four days for the seeds to soften. After that place seeds in small pots. Remember that watermelons grow better at high temperatures and in sunny areas.
We have more ideas for you! You will find out how to make stylish décor items from popsicle sticks. You will learn how to make a vase, hanging pots and wall decoration. Another awesome idea is how to make a vertical garden from cardboard and plastic cups. Check out how to make a cute and small garden in the kitchen from a tin can. You can grow basil, rosemary, oregano and other herbs.
If you love to travel and don’t know how to water plants when you are away, we have a genius idea to share. Take a pot with water and cut a long piece of cotton or nylon twine. Place one end of the twine into a pot and the other end into a planter. Make sure that a pot with water is above the base of the plant.

00:25 How to grow a pumpkin
00:52 Eggshell seeding pots
05:14 Cool garden decoration
06:15 Popsicle stick crafts
09:29 Vertical garden idea
10:38 How to grow herbs at home

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