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This video contains how to reuse waste plastic bottle for successful gardening with cheap and easy material

Actually there are so many ways to reuse waste bottles, especially for gardening. In this way you can reduce waste by using it or recycle it into valuable objects and even reduce gardening costs or expenses.

Plastic bottle rubbish is a problem that increasingly requires special attention, because this type of waste has polluted the entire world. If there are no specific measures to reduce the use of plastic bottles, another smart way is to use used waste bottles to be another valuable function.

Used bottles, especially plastic bottles, can not only be used to make decorations. But it can also be used as a tool in various ways in the household. Gardening is a fun activity, especially done by mothers. Compared to buying agricultural equipment whose prices are relatively expensive, used plastic bottles are important assets and are valuable for various functions to be used to grow vegetables, flowers or other types of plants.

The following are brilliant ideas using plastic bottles to farm on a narrow area of your home garden.

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