Gardening Hacks
​Amazing gardening hacks

In this video, we wanted to share with you some easy yet amazing tricks that you can use in your garden in order to help your flowers and seeds grow.
– In the first video, we show you how you can grow your own seeds from pretty much any fruit out there. For example, watermelon seeds, tomato seeds, cucumber seeds, etc.
– We also show you how to grow your own mandarin orange, by removing the seeds, drying them out and the re-planting them in soil.
– In addition, we show you how you can grow your own avocado tree simply by removing the seed, piercing it through with toothpicks and then placing it in water.

0:07 – How to grow your own seeds
1:21 – How to grow cucumber seeds
3:51 – How to grow your own avocado tree
4:35 – How to grow bell peppers
5:21 – No more secrets about plants
6:16 – DIY automatic watering system
8:09 – How a diaper can help your plants
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