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Garden design – how much difference can a design really make to a garden? In this short video, professional, international, garden designer, Rachel Mathews from Successful Garden Design will show you just how much difference a well thought out garden plan can make to landscaping your garden.

If you’re looking for ideas for your garden, this video will show you how effective knowing some simple design principles, can be.This video will also show you how properly putting in a simple design shape and then the landscaping can make a dramatic difference to your garden.

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Good landscaping comes down to properly planning your garden. Without a good design, you are wasting your money.

Rachel has been designing gardens in the UK and all over the world in the USA, Australia, Malaysia, North Africa, Spain and Switzerland, to name but a few. The design formula that she has developed as a professional landscape designer, will help even complete beginners to understand how design works and how they can drastically improve their own garden.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great looking garden. An amazing amount can be achieved with doing something as simple as just re-shaping your lawn!

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