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Having plants in our homes is like having a piece of nature to remind us how beautiful the world is outside. Some people love plants so much they cross-breed them, some others have huge gardens filled with flowers, while others choose to grow herbal plants for their delicious homemade teas. Regardless the reason or the choice of plants, there are various ways to take care of them and many hacks to teach yourself through this video.

1. DIY plant fertilizer:
There is no need for you to go and buy a fertilizer which is filled with chemicals when you can create your own organic fertilizer using things you already have in your own home. Take a banana and put it in your blender. Then add some used ground coffee and then a few egg shells. Finally mix everything together really well and put it in the soil of your plants in order to feed them.

2. Another way to fertilize your plants is by using water from a fish tank.
Tropical fish tanks contain certain bacteria which can be very beneficial to plants both inside and outside water. So, if you have an aquarium at home and you are doing a water-change, instead of throwing away all that water that you are wasting, keep it safe to water your plants.

3. DIY Sprinkler:
If you are looking for a way to quickly water your grass and bring it back to life, then try this little trick. Take a plastic bottle and pierce it all around at the bottom in two layers, one on top of each other. Then, attach your garden hose on it and seal it perfectly using tape. When you turn the water on, the plastic bottle will fill with water and it will start sprinkling water on your grass. Voila.

4. DIY weed killer:
Are you trying to build your little paradise in your garden but those little annoying weeds keep appearing. Here we have the solution on how to make your own weed killer using household items. In a glass bowl add two spoons of washing up liquid, one spoon of salt and fill the bowl up on top with vinegar. Mix them all really well and transfer the mixture into a spray bottle. Then start spraying to get rid of those weeds.

5. How to grow your own pineapple tree:
Did you know that you can grow your own pineapple tree from just a pineapple? Here is what you need to do. Cut off the leafy brat for your pineapple and remove the smaller leaves from the bottom ( remove at about 4-5 to make some space for the roots to start growing) then, place the leafy brat in a glass half-filled with water and wait for a few days until the new roots start showing. Then transfer your pineapple in soil, and voila.

6.Diaper hack
Did you know that using a diaper can help you grow a plant twice as big? Try this hack and you won’t regret it. Take a brand new diaper and pour some water on the inside. Then using scissors, cut it in the middle and remove the superabsorbent polymers from the diaper and place them into a bowl. Then inside that bowl add the adequate amount of soil and mix them together. Finally, add the mixture into a plant pot and transfer a plant of your choice and see the results.

7. How to decorate an old pot and make it look like brand new.
If you have an old pot laying around but you don’t want to get rid of it, why not re-decorate it. Take some modeling clay and create three long, round stripes. Then try to french braid each stripe on top of each other and place it all around the pot. Then let is dry and transfer your favorite plant inside to give the pot a second life.
0:09 – DIY Fertilizer
0:32 – Fish tank water hack
0:43 – How to make your own sprinkler
0:56 – DIY weed killer
1:30 – DIY Watering device
1:49 – How to grow a pineapple tree
2:07 – Awesome jean apron hack
2:32 – Decorative plant hanger
3:00 – How to grow any vegetable
3:13 – DIY succulent pots
4:40 – Amazing diaper hack for plants
6:12 – Awesome way to decorate a pot
6:40 – How to save an old pot

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