Gardening for Beginners
This is the story of our first year of gardening. It is one of the steps we are making in order to work our way OUT OF THE SYSTEM and become self – sustaining. Hope it inspires you to start your own garden and grow your own food!

Moving from the concrete city to a house with some land made us want to try to grow our own vegetables. So we started a garden from scratch, knowing absolutely nothing about gardening. With a ton of research and a lot of work we ended up with a wonderful crop and the satisfaction of growing your own food without chemicals and pesticides.

The taste of the vegetables we grew is unbelievable and the freshness is where it deserves to be. Not to mention the fact that we didn’t use any chemical treatments and used only natural fertilizers such as manure, eggshells, ash from the wood in the fireplace, used coffee grounds.

We became passionate about tomatoes and grew 30 types of tomatoes in the first year and this year, we have 60 different varieties of tomatoes from all over the world.

Hope to keep in touch with you, we will make updates on our garden constantly.


Intro music credits: Mahia Beldo
Background music credits: “Easy Jam” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

These 3 single photos are not mine:
1. CITY PHOTO credits (the picture behind the writing “CITY LIFE”): (find the photo here:
2. RHUBARB PHOTO credits: By Dieter Weber (User:Uellue) – own work, photo taken in a private garden in Kiel, CC BY-SA 3.0,
3. TOMATILLO PHOTO: Markos Safta (

All the rest of the pictures and footage: Sol Sinceac, the author of

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