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Refreshing, cool, and a perfectly healthy snack, cucumbers deserve a spot in every garden. Whether you are interested in pickling or fresh eating, you will surely be able to find a variety that fits your needs and your space. Growing cucumbers is easy if you follow a few basic rules.

Recommended Varieties :

Slicers: ‘Japanese Climbing,’ Favorite heirloom slicers include ‘Longfellow,’ ‘Marketmore,’ and ‘Suyo Long.’ Good hybrid slicers include ‘Early Pride,’ ‘Burpless,’ and ‘Fanfare.’
Picklers: ‘Parigno Cornichon,’ ‘Little Leaf,’ ‘A & C Pickling,’ and ‘Parisian’ are all tasty, dependable pickling cucumbers.
Cukes for Containers: Some great bush-type varieties for containers are ‘Salad Bush,’ ‘Bush Pickle,’ and ‘Spacemaster.’

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