Gardening for Beginners
I am particularly excited to share something special today, a new series I have been inspired to create, and seeing as how it is my birthday, what better day to gift you all with some new inspiration.
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Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. Imagine chomping into a fresh tomato picked right off the vine, its divine! Today I am going to take you on a guided journey to help you get inspired to grow your own food, and I am making it as easy as possible.

Some of the things that we go over in this video:
1. Selecting the right soil for seeds
2. Selecting the right seeds
3. Knowing your growing conditions
4. Planting seeds
5. Thinning out seeds.
6. Using grow lights
7. Watering your plants
8. Germinating seeds
9. Replanting foods
10. Saving seeds
11. Taking care of your seedlings
12. Selecting containers to plant in
13. Understanding your limitations

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