Gardening for Beginners
This week Charlie (my 2 year old) and I build our own raised vegetable garden! It was very easy, cheap and fun! We love using fresh veggies, fruits and herbs in the kitchen and are so excited to start growing our own from home!

Here are the steps we used:
1. Pick a sunny, well protected area for your garden
2. Choose your garden bed (either recycle something, purchase one or make your own.
3. Prepare your garden bed by covering the sides in plastic (if needed), and either cover the existing grass in cardboard by lining the base of your garden bed, or lay weed mats to prevent weeds growing up through your garden beds.
4. Fill your garden bed with soil, we were able to get a good quality organic soil delivered to our house by a local landscaping supply store, just call and inquire about what soil they recommend for veggies.
5. Get planting! Purchase veggies that your family love to eat and research companion plants to decide what to plant together.
6. Mulch your veggie patch well

Also remember that veggies are high maintenance plants they need regular watering (EVERY morning) and like to be feed at least once a fortnight (we use ‘Powerfeed Plant Food’

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