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Aspara™: The Smart Indoor Garden | Technology 2019

Produce healthy, fresh vegetables and herbs right in your kitchen, no experience necessary!


aspara™ is a hydroponic smart grower that helps you grow fresh and healthy-to-eat vegetables and herbs right on your kitchen countertop.

Using a combination of LED grow lights, an automatic watering system and advanced sensors, aspara™ is a connected control system for your indoor garden that does the growing for you.

While organic farming has been put more into practice than ever, when receiving food from an outside source, it’s truly hard to say what’s in your food.

Even if pesticides aren’t used, vegetables can still be contaminated in other ways, such as by heavy metals that occur naturally in soil.

However, starting a garden at home, and growing vegetables successfully, is not an easy task. Most homes are limited by lack of space or don’t have the best environment for growing plants. And for some, growing plants from a seed can seem like a daunting task.

aspara™’s smart built-in sensors monitor, detect, report and record growth conditions based on nutrient concentration, air temperature, humidity, water temperature and overall water content in the system.

The sensors will adjust lighting, water flow and planting modes based on your plant’s needs. Precise monitoring of the growth conditions provides accurate instruction on the amount of water and nutrients required to be refilled into the system.

The adjustable grow light provides a full spectrum of intensity that caters to the needs of different plants at different growth stages, as well as your personal preference.

Control growth through specific programs and replicate nature with sunrise and sunset scenery. You can even dim the grow light or change it to white for photo taking.

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