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In this video, Rachel will talk about color schemes and stunning color combinations without having to know anything about color theory.

Rachel first features her parent’s garden from last week’s episode, the problem boarder with the giant laylandii hedge and she will give you the answer to last week’s question. You will see how she transformed the boarder and how she experimented with some root barrier.

She will then start to discuss planting plan, beginning with measuring the border and putting it in paper. After that, she will show you how she planned on the color scheme of the plants. She makes a list of plants thats in the color scheme that will grow in July and August and then she will work out what would blend with the colors in the garden. You will see how she compares colors and pacify colors to find out what will work altogether and you’ll be surprised what she’s using to do it!

There’s loads of books on color theory which are in depth and talks about quite a lot of complicated subjects which you don’t really need to know about. So, Rachel will give you tips on how to plan color schemes by borrowing ideas from fashion designer, graphic designers or interior designers and get inspiration from there for your garden design. Also, she will give you an example of how you can borrow inspiration from artists, who are the most wonderful for stealing ideas from. She will take inspiration from a painting and get color combinations for the plants from there.

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