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For those of you who love pranking people or would like to make someone smile, we have the best prank and hacks compilation video. In this video, we show you some amazing pranks where we show you how you can grow an egg tree or how to even make gold chains out of coal. In addition, we show you some hacks that actually work using chips that will completely give you a new outlook out of those delicious little snacks.

For those of you who love chips, we show you a whole new perspective that you will fall in love with.
– For those times that you need to eat the delicious chip leftovers at the bottom of the chip bag here is what you need to do. Simply cut the bottom of the bag and there you have it.
– For those times that you want to prevent your coffee from spilling or you are taking your coffee on the go, you can use a pringles lid and place it on top of your coffee mug to save the day.
– If you are a gamer or someone who works on their computer a lot and you don’t want to get your fingers dirty while eating snacks, you can use chopsticks to eat your chips/crisps in order to enjoy them without the mess that comes with it.
– For those time that you go camping and you have nothing to start a fire with, don’t worry because you can use one of your snacks to do so, and by that we mean chips.
– In this video, we also show you how you can make your own giant chip using a tortilla wrap. Simply place your tortilla on a piece of greaseproof paper, add some vegetable oil on it, then season it with salt and pepper and bake it at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

All of us girls use tampons when it’s that time of the month, but did you know that you can use tampons in your everyday life as well for different purposes? Here we show you how.
– You can use tampons as a nail polish remover.
– If you like having lit candles in your house, but you don’t have any candles at the moment, you can use tampons in order to do it. SImply place the tampon in a mason jar half filled with vegetable oil, and then place the tampon stripe through the lid. Then light it, just as we demonstrate in the video and voila.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing hacks for you that will surprise you.

0:07 – Funny pranks that will make your friends laugh
1:10 – How to grow an egg tree
3:10 – Awesome hacks with chips
3:41 – How to eat chips with chopsticks
4:13 – How to make a giant chip
5:18 – Crazy tampon hacks
5:54 – DIY water filter
7:05 – How to survive with a pantyliner
8:44 – DIY sleeping mask
10:08 – Brilliant hiding place for your money
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