Flower Garden
Hey everyone, it’s Judi here! In today’s video we extended Bunnie’s springcore forest to create this adorable flower farm! Complete with a duck pond and bee and rabbit friends, this area is a lively hangout spot. I hope you enjoy the video and get some inspiration from it! Remember to grab a tea and a snack and enjoy! 💛

♡ Design Codes ♡
(I’m taking a math exam right now so I’ll continue updating these tonight)
Daisy Planks: MA-5971-8982-0263
White Lace Rug: MA-7195-6112-7043
Grass Path, Picnic Blanket, Small Daisy: MA-9629-0801-8170
White Flowers: MA-7195-6112-7043
Yellow Flowers: MA-5960-3879-4209
Brick Path and Daisy Accents: MA-0173-9195-8808

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♡ Island Tour Submissions ♡
If you would like me to tour your island in a future video you can send me a request through this website: https://acnhtour.com/

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Members will be able to participate in multiplayer streams either through voice chat or by typing in the game! I reduced the membership fee from the default $5.99/month to $1.99/month to make it more accessible and allow more people to be included. Once you are a channel member, you will be added to a secret Discord channel where you will receive more details! You can sign up by pressing the join button on the channel homepage or clicking this link:

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