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Today I take you on a tour of my patio pots and share my favorite fertilizer for growing beautiful flowering container gardens. I also share a couple tips for saving money when it comes to gardening with annuals. This ended up as Part 1 (the flower tour) and part 2 will be the large family vegetable garden.

Tiger Bloom Fertilizer
Dorky Visor (similar to what I’m wearing)
My Camera
My Tripod (currently 20% off)

Music from Filmora and

Large Family Household Haul | Walmart & Aldi
Large Family DITL | From Sun up until Sundown
Watch Me Homeschool | Down Syndrome | All About Reading Level 1
Saturday Cooking Day
DITL | Cooking Day | Garden Produce | Swimming

Hi friends! I’m Jennifer, a forty-something wife and mother of 7 children ages 4 – 20. We are Catholic. We homeschool. We cook from scratch. We farm cranberries. We drink coffee. We advocate for Down syndrome awareness. We are loud. We are chaotic.

Here I’ll share vlogs about all these things, what I’m doing that works and what I’ve tried but didn’t work. I hope to encourage you in your journey through motherhood, homeschooling, learning to cook, and growing in your faith through it all.

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